Who hasn’t had a Jet lag? jet lag, is that mixture of fatigue and other symptoms caused by a journey that crosses different slots. Although it seems unavoidable to have it, but there are many ways to reduce the effects of jet lag.

Here are some tips that I usually do and if you do too, I am sure you will enjoy your holiday upon arrival at the destination.


1) Prepare your body for the time zone change.

Try to find out how many hours apart have your destiny and start preparing gradually. If you go to the east go to bed early and if you fly west you should be awake longer.

2) Set your watch to your destination time as soon as you start your flight.

 Set your watch to your destination time will help you psychologically to assimilate faster the change.

3) Drink water and follows an anti jet lag diet.

A few days before you have the flight, eat food with high protein at breakfast and lunch and for dinner I suggest one high-carbohydrate meal. Of course, do not forget to drink plenty of water as the pressure that accompanies height and dry environment on the plane, make you lose fluids during the flight. With all this will prevent your body in a vulnerable state and thus have less chance of suffering from jet lag.

4) Walk the plane

Walk the plane taking walks or doing some exercises to keep the circulation of blood.

5) Avoid caffeinated beverages:

Avoid drinking beverages that contain caffeine because if you land at night, it will affect the sleep patterns.

6) Take the light.

As soon as you arrive at your destination, spend time outdoors to regulate your biological clock.



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