Are you thinking of coming to Ibiza? If you want to come to the island, these are free apps that I’m sure will help you and facilitate your stay in the paradise.

Electronic music.

If you like electronic music, radio stations Ibiza Sonica and Ibiza Global Radio, feature mobile applications, so you can be aware of the best electronic music of Ibiza and the best events on the island to be prepared before coming and once you’re here.


If you rent a car for your holiday, I recommend you to download EysaMobile, which is an application that you can pay parking services on your phone in a very simple manner and to save fines.

And if instead you plan to use public transport then the application you’ll find very useful is the Ibiza Bus. This app provides you with information on maps, bus schedules, bus stops etc although is not free, the price is 0.99 €

 Destination guide and hotels.

If you do not know the island well and want to move around the best places, the app TM2IBZ- Take Me To Ibiza will provide all this info and if you have not yet chosen where to stay, with the mobile application of Palladium APP will be very easy, choosing destination Ibiza, will show you an extensive archive of virtual content include video, photo galleries, virtual tours and digital brochures of hotels on the island.

 For partying.

If you want to enjoy the best events in Ibiza and want to catch up on these, I recommend apps like Ibiza Party Radar  and What Happens in Ibiza. A simple and easy way to choose well your holidays in Ibiza.



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