Do you know that there are some places in the world that are completely prohibited?

Are you curious to know those mysterious places that you can´t visit?

 Here are some of them.

1) IIHA Queimada, Brazil.

In the Queimada Big Island, also known as the island of Cobras, there are between one and five snakes per square meter and the poison of these snakes are 5 times stronger than others. This place is located 35 kilometers from the coast of Brazil and is one of those islands that once you see it, you will think it is a paradise destination where you could enjoy a happy holiday, however, the authorities have restricted access to the island because otherwise your life would be in danger.


2) The North Sentinel Island, India.

This island is considered the most isolated and dangerous in the world. It is located in the archipelago of the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean and the inhabitants, the Sentinelese have lived there about 60,000 years and they do not let anyone pass or approach the island. In the thirteenth century, Marco Polo wrote this: “If a foreigner comes to their lands, they will kill you immediately ” also the Indian authorities asked citizens to avoid getting close to that place.


3) Club 33 Disney, USA.

Disney Club 33, is a secret society in Disneyland that Walt Disney founded in 1967 and if you do not possess a special invitation, unfortunately, you can no go inside.


4) Ise Shrine Ise Jingu or (伊 勢 神宮) Japan.

The Ise Shrine is one of the largest shrine in Japan and one of the sacred places of Shinto. You can not enter inside and take pictures and the admission is only for the elect. Previously monks were forbidden to cross the river because they thought that this would harm the harmony of the place and cause misfortunes throughout Japan.  



5) Church of Lady Mary of Zion, Ethiopia.

The Church of Lady Mary of Zion, is located in Aksum, Ethiopia, and belongs to the Coptic Patriarchate of Ethiopia. According to the biblio is the place where the tables with the commandments. The only people who live there and who have access are monks.