If you like traveling, running and enjoy the feeling of freedom while discovering a new place, you will love these places to go running.

Central Park, New York

Running is the most popular sport in Central Park, and there is a circuit of almost 10 kilometers of running tracks. A place where all runner should visit, because the environment encourages the practice of this sport. In addition, the views are unbeatable.


Parque del Retiro, Madrid

This park offers a circuit of 5 km and the best is the soft ground and shade there that makes you take better run on hot days also the atmosphere in the heart of Madrid is excellent.


English Garden, Munich

The English Garden in Munich is a very large park that reaches along the Isar River outside the city of Northernmost. This park has 3.73 square kilometers and is a very nice place to go running. What makes it special is that you find people surfing, students, and you will be surrounded by pure nature.


Iten (Kenya)
I recommend this place because it is the cradle of world athletics, where you can meet the best athletes in the world. In addition, it is a place with amazing places with kilometers and kilometers to run.

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