Have you ever been to Tenerife? Almost all the Spanish people, at least once, had spent one week or a week-end in the Canary Islands.

Days ago, I wanted to go back to the south of  Tenerife – Adeje, and guess what… I have my flights for December! Sometimes we don’t think about the distance but the islands are only 3 hours from Madrid or Barcelona with amazing rates.

Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes

Things to do  in Tenerife
It’s a Paradise for the most adventurous, there are a lot of outdoor activities.

Googling a bit, I can get on a boat to see whales and dolphins, fell like a bird paragliding around the day, scubadiving, tanning on the amazing black beaches… The ToDo List is huge!!

As a big fan, I heard that Hard Rock Hotel just opened in Tenerife… So, of course, I made my booking at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. The hotel is so big,: 600+ rooms, 3 pools, the beach club… So excited to go!!




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