Waiting time in the airports are so boring, long and there’s no way to speed time… And if you are travelling with kids it’s even worst!!

Actually airports are looking the best way to entertain us during our waiting hours, check out what did some airports around the world:

1. International Airport of Munich
You can visit the Airbräu Beer Factory. You’ll spend more or less 1h30 visiting and learning how to make your own beer and have one before your flight.



2. Changi Airport in Singapur
This airport is great, and for itself it’s a must of Singapur. The airport offers kids zones, gardens, it has a pool, theatre, chill areas, masages and a 12m high toboggan



3. Pearson Airport in Toronto
The airport has a 100 thousand liter of 5000 different kid of fishes. You’ll spend hours and hours  in front of the glass looking to this mini wild life.


4. Helsinki Airport
Find a place where to sleep is not a problem at Helsinki Airport with its Sleeping private beds. It’s the most sleep-friendly in Europe. It costs 9€/hour and it worth it.


Airports are aware about how important is to entertain travelers and the are investing in comfort and technologies to give the best services.



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