With these 3 Apps you’ll turn into an expert traveler. If you’re looking how to plan your trips, be able to communicate with local people o move knowing the best routes, check this out!

I am solving all your problems with only 3 Apps.

1. TripIt: Plan your trip

No more papers and printings, download this app and you’ll have all your booking information in a unique app (flights, hotels, transfers…). TripIt is now your personal booking assistant, it will look in your mails and find all your reservations for your next holidays… It works!!

The App is free the first month, for the Pro version it’s 49€/year.

2. Google Translate




Google made it real, no more language barriers. Google Translate more than 100 languages with 52 available offline. You can also take a picture of any sign and it will detect the letters and translate it for you.

3. Maps.me
Very detailed maps, totally free and no internet connection required. You just have to download the map of the country or district you need before traveling. All the countries and cities are in this App.

For me, this App is a MUST for any traveler, if you’re moving in Taxi, or bus you’ll always know where you are and avoid swindle.





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