Traveling around the world, what I enjoy more is when I discover secret and untouched beaches, away from conventional tourism. There is nothing like walking along fine and untouched sand to feel yourself as one of those first explorers, to feel the rush of adrenaline running through your veins.

Today I want to share with you some of those secret beaches that I discovered (not all of them, because there always is a little piece of world that I prefer to keep it to myself). To find some of these beaches I had to travel very far, other were just here around the corner, and these ones were what I liked more. There is nothing like feeling as an explorer in your own place!

What proof to us, one more time, that it doesn’t matter how much you traveled or which parts of the earth you met: the world will never stop surprising you!

  • Pangani (Tanzania)

When all of us hear about Tanzania the first thing that we think of is the imposing Kilimanjaro with its snow-capped peaks, the legendary savannahs of Serengeti and Ngorongoro or the pearly white beaches of the beautiful Zanzibar island.

Tanzania 2

What nobody knows -unless you’ve lived in the country- is that travel to Zanzibar to find the paradise is not necessary: there is a place that will make you lost your mind in the east coast of Tanzania. The place is called Pangani, and it’s a small seaside city where the best and empty beaches of Tanzania are hidden. The foreign tourism barely arrives to here, the place is only visited by local tourism and it’s pretty empty the majority of the year.

The best choice to have a 100% local and paradise experience.

  • Lime Cay (Jamaica)

The majority of the Jamaican’s beaches are private, so tourists use to stay at their hotels’ beaches. But I really like going out to explore and investigate new spots, you know it, so in my last visit to Jamaica I asked to my hotel’s staff from the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa about which beaches are the best for them, for local people.

Their answer was very clear: Lime Cay. And they were right! They also organized my trip through their tour agency. So it was pretty easy.

02. Jamaica

When I arrived to the beach I couldn’t believe what my eyes watched! Actually, Lime Cay is a small island a few minutes away by boat from Kingston, the capital of the country, and it’s formed by a long sand strip and lush vegetation. I recommend you to visit this beach on the weekend, because it’s when local people go to the island to cool off and relax between food and beers and the Caribbean vibes flood the little island.

  • Ras Mohammad (Egipto)

Egypt is one of my favorite countries because of the natural wonders I discovered there. Besides, it’s a place where you can easily find desert beaches in which take a break or dive without crowds.

Certainly the beaches of the Ras Mohammad National Park are the best. It’s a marine reserve created in 1983 to protect the fauna and flora of this part of the world, and whose landscape contracts with the dry Egyptian desert. It’s a magical place that will make you fall in love with since the first time you see it.


There are loads of marshes, mangroves and coral reefs that will leave the diving and sea life lovers speechless: more than 1.200 fish species and 220 corals have been catalogued in this area.

  • Bahía do Tonel (Portugal)

My best part of Portugal is the Sudoeste Alentejano Natural Park. Even though it is close to the famous Algarve has nothing to do with it. Its landscape is wilder and goes unnoticed to the eyes of the more casual visitor.

Specifically in the little village of Zambujeira do Mar I found this amazing beach that blew me away since the very first time. It is a piece of sand -no more than 30 meters- guarded by spectacular cliffs.

04. Portugal

It would have nothing special if it wasn’t for its extremely difficult access. The only way to get into there (or go out) is going down through the cliffs using a rope hanged to the rock wall.

Only for brave people! Because of that you will always see the beach empty.

  • Atlantis (Ibiza)

Yes, my friends. There still are some secret places in Ibiza. This specifically is one of the best kept secrets of the island and to be honest is one of the most special and magic places I’ve ever found.

It is a natural swimming pool formed by an old stone quarry. Everything around it are figures crafted in rock, Buddhas and Hindu Gods, steps and folds rock which let in the crystalline Mediterranean Sea.

05. Ibiza

Nobody gets to Atlantis by chance. You have to look exhaustively for it around the natural reserve of Cala d’Hort, or make some friends from Ibiza who don’t mind to share their treasure with you. You can also find accommodation in the same hotel than me, Sa Talaia. And if you get to Atlantis, please, let me know :)




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