It’sBeing stolen on the beach is a normal topic every summer. When you want to relax in the water, we never know what to do with our valuables. Normally we try to keep everything under the beach towel but actually it’s not safe at all.

Some companies tried to solved our beach problems with theses items.

1. Your safety box mobile
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It’s called SAFEGO and it’s a safety box mobile that you can fix under an umbrella or on your beach bed. It is water resistant and has a headphones entrance so you can listen to music while your phone is safe.

You can purchase it for 40 dollars in different colors.



2. The Empty Sunscreen Lotion
tansafe-01It’s a very easy way to hide it but it works!! Contains enough space to hold most mobile phones/iPhone, credit cards, keys and cash.

It’s called Tan Safe, you can buy it on

FIREBOX for less than 10 euros. It’s a good item if you go to small beaches and you don’t have to hide that much.

3. The hole in the sand

It’s a new release called The Beach Vault. You’ll hide all your belongings in a hole just under you beach towel.

It costs you 39 dollars and available on May 2017 but you can preorder it already.

Which one is, for you, the best way to hide your valuables on the beach?



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