Montego Bay is one of the most well-known stops in Jamaica because is here where the highest number of all-included resort are concentrated. However, Montego Bay is more than luxury hotels and pool bars.

During my days in Jamaica I was sleeping in the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa, very close to Montego Bay, and I enjoyed making excursions to different parts of Montego Bay to discover the area. Is you are thinking of traveling to this Jamaican corner, these are the 5 place you can not miss:

1. Falmouth. This small fishing village is known by the Martha Brae River, an incredible natural spectacle surrounded by lush vegetation where you can do bamboo rafting with local guides. Furthermore, there you will also find the Luminous Lagoon, a very special place. The waters surrounding by this lagoon create a spectacular phenomenon being agitated. All this happens because near the pond there is a curious little phosphorescent microbe that lives in its waters. The constant movement of the water causes the microbes to move and shine with stunning color neon green. Swimming in this waters is something that everybody must do at least once in a lifetime!



2. Montego Bay Marine Park. This is the perfect choice for diving lovers, because there’s no place like the Caribbean Sea to unleash that passion. This park is a marine reserve with more than 15 square kilometers created in 1991 for preserving the marine and natural life of the island. You can’t miss it!


3. Croydon Plantation. A stunning coffee and pineapple plantation where you can enjoy an amazing view overlooking the mountains of Montego Bay. During your visit to this plantation you will be able to see and try loads of local fruits, coffee and sugar. This is the perfect choice for those who are looking for more than beaches in their Jamaican trip.


4. Doctor’s Cave Beach. Surely this is one of the most well-known beaches in the whole island and that’s not surprise: its turquoise waters and its white sand seem like science fiction. In addition, at the turn of the XX century the bathers started to come this beach believing in the healing powers of its water.


5. Rose Hall Great House. One of the many colonial houses that are still conserved in Jamaica, but this house is not just like the others… This house is famous in the whole island for its last tenant: a white which. There is so much mystery around this mansion from the XIX century, and it became in one of the most cultural attractions in Jamaica. It’s said that when you are getting lost through its corridors and gardens you can feel strange things… Will we check it?





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