Salvador de Bahía is one of the colorest, authentic and appealing of the whole Brazil. And without a doubt it’s the place you must go this year.

I am telling you why…


Historic center – Pelourinho

Walk along the historic center of Salvador de Bahia, get lost into its Portuguese colonial architecture, its narrow streets and its houses full of colors is like travelling to another time. This zone is one of the most beautiful and special than the whole country.

The old town of Salvador de Bahía is from 1550 and it was declared Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO in 1980.

Inside this area you can get lost into the Mercado Modelo, a market with more than 200 shops where you can buy loads of Brazilian craftwork. Also you have to use the Elevador Lacerda, a public elevator which join the lower level of the city with the higher, where there’s an amazing panoramic view of Salvador de Bahía.



If you want to know the truly nightlife of Brazil there’s no a better place than Salvador de Bahía. The streets of this city start to vibe every sunset and don’t stop until the next morning. There are music and dances in all the streets, traditional restaurants, bars and clubs… Small and picturesque places where there always is good Brazilian live music.

One of the favorites events of the local people and travelers is “Terça de Bênção”, which is celebrated every Tuesday in Pelourinho. The origin of this is a tradition to give food to poor people from San Francisco de Asís church. Now this tradition became in a big music event, with artist, live music and dances in the streets around that church.


Heavenly beaches

Salvador de Bahía can not be understood without the sea. Some of the best beaches that you can enjoy in this area are Porto da Barra, located at the end of the neighborhood of Barra and it’s one of the most beautiful and urban beach of Brazil; Farol da Barra, one of the main beaches and the city’s remarkable emblem because of the historic lighthouse.

A little bit further, apart from the city, you can find Pituba, a big one and perfect for surf lovers; the beach of Itapua is the last one before leave the perimeter of the city and it’s known by its hippie soul in the 70’s; if we keep walking by this coast we will find Stella Maris and Flamengo, untouched and wild beaches, with pal trees and coral reefs.


Carnival, carnival

If Río de Janeiro has the biggest carnival of the world, Salvador de Bahía has the most authentic and popular of Brazil: more than 2 millions of people dancing at the same time in the streets of this picturesque city.

You can listen constantly Axé in the streets, the typical music of the carnival at Salvador de Bahía, and it’s celebrated in the following circuits: Barra – Ondina, between the beaches of Barra and Ondina; Osmar, between Campo Grande and the center; and Batatinha which is located around the colorful streets of Pelourinho.


Close to Salvador de Bahía it’s located the hotel Grand Palladium Imbassaí Resort & Spa where I stayed. It’s the perfect choice to spend a nice days discovering this part of the Brazilian coast.



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