The Caribbean is one of the most attractive destinations on earth. Those who have been once can’t stop visiting it over and over again. For those who haven’t been there or are undecided about where to go in the next vacations, I am bringing you a handful of reason to buy a flight ticket and start packing:

1. Sun shining all year.

Even though they have Winter and Summer, their tropical weather doesn’t change significantly and their temperature range from 25 to 30 grades during all year. For that it’s the perfect destination to go in December or January and discovery that there are parts of the world where people live in an eternal summer. And spend a Christmas on the beach is something that everybody must do. Would you be able to get used to this constantly sun? I have no doubt: yes, I could.

2. The best beaches of the world.

It’s not necessary that I tell you that, even if you’ve never been to the Caribbean for sure you must have seen loads of pictures about beaches so beautiful that they seem incredible. With its white sand and those turquoise waters that make you want to stay forever in the sea. Furthermore, the marine life is one of the richest and diving lovers will find here a fascinating underwater world.

3. Colonial history.

The history of the Caribbean is inevitably united to the history of some European countries as England or Spain. For us, travel to the Caribbean is also travel to our past, our history, to the roots, to the beginning of everything. And also it’s a good reflection exercise. So that I recommend to travel to the Caribbean not to enjoy the beaches and the sun but to investigate about what we were, what we are.

4. Caribbean culture.

The Caribbean culture is one of the most exotic cultures in the world because it is the result of all the people who passed through there. From the European colonists to the African slaveries and native populations. All they together created a colorful culture that we find in the Caribbean today. A quiet life and at the same time full of energy.


5. Caribbean people.

Just as they should be after that mix of cultures, people from the Caribbean have the joy of living running through their veins like in no other part of the world. Tourists perceive the Caribbean people as the nicest and most positive people. They transmit their desire to live and they are the best raising the spirit.

6. Gastronomy.

As well as their culture and people, their food is influenced by other cultures. Some of the food that they use more are fish and seafood, meat, chicken and pork. Also they use natural food like yucca, banana or tropical fruits. Rise is what they use more to accompany food and most of their typical recipes are spicy.

7. All-inclusive resorts.

The Caribbean is the luxury “all-inclusive” destination par excellence, a classic for those who want sun, beach, rest and funny at the same time in their holydays. Dominican Republic and Mexico are the countries with the best hotel offer and where more tourists arrive every year. Hotels like Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa or Grand Palladium Riviera Resort & Spa are some of the favorites in these destinations.

8. Adventure.

The good thing about the Caribbean is that for those who are looking for the opposite to an “all-inclusive holidays” will find in the Caribbean the adventure they want. It’s possible to get lost into their jungles and beaches and feel yourself as one of those old explorers who arrive to the New World. As in everywhere, you just have to run away from the conventional things.




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