The Spanish islands have nothing to envy of the Caribbean. It’s true that the weather it’s not warm during all the year, that’s why the spring is when these islands start reaching their utmost splendor.

The perfect getaway for a weekend of April or May is here, just around the corner. 



To travel to Tenerife is a success for sure at anytime of the year because it’s always good weather there. You also can be sure that you’ll wear your bathing clothes and that its beaches, gastronomy, biodiversity and people will make you smile all the time.

Furthermore, I don’t know you guys but to me, Tenerife always make me be rebel. A place known as “the island of the eternal spring” because of its spring weather during all the year it’s a rebellion for itself.

That’s why everytime I go to Tenerife (every time I can) I like to stay at Hard Rock Hotel of Tenerife, because it’s the perfect combination for the rebel and rocker mood of the island. 



Maybe Menorca is my favorite of these three islands.

Menorca is different to all the Balearic Islands. The easternmost island of the archipelago has its personality is formed by its virgin beaches and coves, its old villages frozen in time, its megalithic monuments and remains of the past cultures. 

It’s said that Tramontana winds modify people’s behavior here in the island. And even the tourism could not damage the authenticity of a place that don’t bow down in front of anybody’s look.

Without a doubt is during the spring when the island is in its best moment. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit it in April or May, to get lost through its Camí de Cavalls, let yourself be seduced by the red mountains of Cala Pilar or stay at Fiesta Hotel Castell Playa to discover the best of the island.



If there is a good time to visit Ibiza is during the spring. After April the island is in its best moment and it becomes in a very privilege place, a heaven of peace for all those who arrive here (in this time of the year, and that’s the good news, they are not many…).

Spring is the perfect moment to meet the island without the crazy tourism and crowds, without jellyfishes in its turquoise waters and with a nice and warm weather.

The beaches and coves where usually you can’t spread your towel during the summer are empty and just for you in this time. 

The nature is the protagonist of Ibiza during the spring time. That’s why I recommend you to stay at Agroturismo Sa Talaia to improve your experience and help you to connect with the mother nature at this white and Mediterranean island. And if between beach and beach you still want to know well Ibiza, I have the perfect walking trails for you :) 




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