We don’t always have the time or the money that we need to travel as much as we would like. In my case, as a pilot, to travel is my way of life. My office is a plane and my daily routine passes through clouds, skies, airports, hotels and different cities.

So that is not travel for me, it’s just work. Travel is a different thing that I do and enjoy it when, as everybody, I have free time or I am on holidays and spend my time knowing new places.

Even though I’ve traveled so much in my life, whether for leisure or business, I confess that I don’t do it as much as I’d like. I guess like everyone. That’s why I finally got different ways to travel without leaving home, but they move you so far away.

One of these ways of travel without movement is the literature. Since I was a child I devour books of adventure and travel to discover new and faraway places. I memorized some of these places even I’ve never been there thanks to the words and books.

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For you that don’t travel as much as you’d like either I made this list of 4 travel books. My reference books, those which I always carry with me in my suitcase and they make me come back over and over again to all those places where I’ve never been…


1. Ébano – Ryszard Kapuscinski 

Ébano is the book par excellence to travel around the African continent without leaving your sofa. It’s also the book par excellence which will make you get out of your sofa and jump straight into the adventure of Africa. Furthermore, I can tell you that it’s the book that make me travel around Africa for the first time. Also, this is the masterpiece of Kapuscinski, a fantastic and unusual portrait of the African continent that bring you through the most uncommon and humble places, introducing yourself into a magic reality of Africa.

2. Into the Wild – Jon Krakauer 

Christopher McCandless is the protagonist of this story based on true events, a young American who decided to break away from everything and change the course of his life: instead of going to the university and follow the steps of a perfect designed life, he decided to go out of the common way and start living in the purest essence of the human being. He renounces to the material things and all the social bonds. Alaska is the stage of this breathtaking story… And it contains one of my favorite quotes ever, the most important lesson: happiness is only real when shared.

3. El amor a la ciudad – Alejo Carpentier

I fell in love with La Habana a long time ago before meeting it thanks to this book. I guess like loads of other readers, and as you will do when you have this book between your hands. Here are collected a series of articles, conferences, essays and chronicles written by the author between 1925 and 1973. The colorist literature of Carpentier submerge us in the streets of La Habana with passion and affection, that passion is which will make you fall deeply in love with this city, even you haven’t met it yet either.

4. How to be an explorer of the world – Keri Smith 

A lot of people will think that this book is made for kids or teenagers, nothing could be further from the truth… This is a book full of life written for the adults who have forgotten how to live. If you give yourself to this book, it will bring out the best of you, your most creative, childhood and forgotten part. Your most “you” part. I recommend you to read this book during a long travel, you will be surprised by the way you will learn to see the world thanks to Keri Smith…




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