Un piloto de treinta y tantos hablando de la vida, los viajes y los gadgets
25 July, 2016

Travel apps

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Nowadays travel without our mobile is something essential, so as we traveled with it almost everywhere. In addition, the technology can help us in certain situations that we face when we travel and even if you have an adventurous spirit,

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5 app foto

Actually if you’re not a profesional, you can easily travel with your phone and be able to make amazing pics. With this list, you’ll find all you need to retouch images. 1. Polarr Easy to use on tablet or Pc you

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2 March, 2015

Top Best 5 Apps for Travelers

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5apps avion

Nobody, in our days, travels without any smartphone our tablet. Actually, you can choose between thousands of apps to travel better and easier. This my top 5 lists for travelers 1. Tripadvisor (Free) It’s the reference webiste to check the

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