Un piloto de treinta y tantos hablando de la vida, los viajes y los gadgets

Coconuts are always a good natural alternatives for cooking, body cares and health care. Coconuts peel are natural filters for the fruit, before reaching it salt water is filtered by thousands of fibers enriching it in minerales and vitamins. Check out my 5

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As you might already know, I’m a bit of a nerd and I can’t let the opportunity of checking out the latest gadget pass. In this case, I’ll talk about my experience with Fitbit.  This bracelet evaluates your activity levels,

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12 May, 2015

Benefits of travelling

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beneficios viajar

During all my life, i’ve been in touch and shared a lot of experiences with a lot of different persons. The only thing that connected us was our passion for travelling. We can be from another culture, from different places and have

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