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It’s not the first time I talk about SUP aka. Stand Up Paddle Surf, but there’s something you must know about it. Actually this new version of surfing, at least for me it’s new, is growing every day all around

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Have you heard of drones? They are formally known as unmanned aircraft vehicles that can be operated from the ground. Being a geek, I’m always checking out the latest gadgets. This time, I will introduce you to Lily Camera, an

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4 May, 2015

iWatch, my new toy!!

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We all have heard about the new toy of Apple… They’re jumping on the war of the wearables, smartwatches. If you’re a technology dummy, let me explain you. The iWatch is the an iPhone-compatible smartwatch. It let you read emails,

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Sin título

This is the story of a toy who travels trough a computer with google maps. It’s a beautiful stopmotion, well done!