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laguna luminosa

Jamaica is one of those Caribbean islands that has a lot to offer. It has a long history of pirates and privateers, reggae and of course, the Rastafarians. What most often impress people are: beaches, rivers and music in general.

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I have relatives, friends, that suffer anxiety before starting a journey. For example, my aunt Rafa suffers this a few days before going on vacation and my cousins have to reassure her and I always say that before visiting a new

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One month ago I came back from one of my trips to Jamaica, this time because my friend Diego who lives in the island wanted me to go there and visit him Also, he told me about the incredible waterfalls

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19 May, 2016

10 Tips to protect your luggage

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Thousands of people pass daily through airports and it is really safe, but sometimes depending on where are you located you can have bad experiences with unknown people who can try to steal your luggage or try to lie to

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